Our Story

We live our entire life asking questions. It is a constant pursuit of answers to our unending question marks as we discover them along the way. There are even times when they keep us up at night, and we just want to know the answers right away. That is when theinklingsoflife.com comes into place.

We are a group of students who had a curiosity of a cat, and before it could kill us, we decided to put up this website, theinklingsoflife.com. It is designed to answer all the questions that have been bothering us, and we later decided to share it to the public. The more questions we had, the more motivation we had to look for answers. Sharing it to everyone is what made us look for more questions, then answer them.

Lead by our good friend, Tom Braun, we share to you hot answers to all your What Ifs and What WIll Happen Ifs. We have gathered the best researchers to ensure that all our articles are based on facts. You won’t see anything like this elsewhere. Everything is answered on theinklingsoflife.com, and we are happy to finally give you peace of mind.

Welcome to theinklingsoflife.com.